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Guiding Principles

Summary: These guiding principles are adopted by natural, legal, and electronic persons who adopt the Global Statutes: Open Constitution. They focus on various aspects such as conservation of human sentience, privacy of person and identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, planetary governance system, non-violent civilization, ecological stability, sustainable development, Earth's digital public goods infrastructure and advanced scientific research. The principles emphasize promoting equality and diversity while denouncing discrimination based on race or cultural identities. Additionally, they advocate for reforms in data protection regulations to strengthen diversity and inclusion on the internet. The network also supports freedom of expression while opposing all forms of violence and terrorism. Moreover it advocates for advancements in technology to ensure a stable ecological balance on Earth.

I. Conservation of Human Sentience by Observation and Protection of Human Rights

Promotion of equality and enrichment of diversity on Planet Earth:

Human Rights: The network is committed to upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, focusing on non-discrimination in an interplanetary human society.

The Foundation recognizes every member's right to mental and physical well-being, as well as the opportunity for self-discovery through education.

Equality and Humanitarian Position: All individuals have equal access to their fundamental human rights and are entitled to their enforcement.


Lack of understanding about diversity in human cognition and limitations in categorizing human consciousness often lead to temporary exclusion of minorities and widespread polarization within the "theory of mind".

"This temporary reality contradicts the development of an enlightened human intelligence within the observable universe."

The network opposes all forms of discrimination based on "identity", encompassing religion, ethnicity, caste, sex, gender, politics, culture, nationality or livelihood.

Racism: The network unequivocally denounces any manifestation of racism.

All individuals are equal regardless of their physical characteristics or biological makeup. No race holds superiority over another.

The network acknowledges and respects all diverse racial identities.

It strongly condemns the historical atrocities associated with slavery and colonial oppression practices.

The network advocates dismantling systemic racism through public policy reforms and inclusive e-governance efforts targeting actions by individuals or groups that perpetuate such discrimination.

Culturism: The network promotes multiculturalism within a broad-minded society driven by higher intelligence values among humans.

Every diverse ethnic heritage present in today's human society is essential for humankind's existence and sentient life experience.

The network honours all varied cultural identities.

Network bases its work against racial discrimination on the “The Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination” by the United Nations, first adopted on 20 November 1963.

II. Privacy of Person and Identity:

Network advocates reforming data protection regimes to strengthen Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on the Internet.

The network supports and advocates Internet Freedom public policy and assists Data Protection Authorities in conserving citizen privacy over the Internet.

The Foundation advocates for the implementation of data protection regulations that apply to algorithms used on the Internet.

III. Gender Identity:

🏳Gender: All individuals have the freedom to express their gender identity. The organization is dedicated to creating a world where individuals with diverse gender identities and expressions have equal access to opportunities and the protection of their human rights.

The organization values and respects the diverse experiences, identities, knowledge, and strengths of every individual, whether they are based on biological differences or cultural and social diversity.

IV. Sexual Orientation:

No individual should face exclusion based on their sexual identity. The organization believes that all individuals should be able to express their sexual orientation without fear of discrimination.

The organization advocates for equity for all individuals and upholds the freedom of those who identify with any sexual orientation.

The foundation supports "accelerated" legislative reforms to protect against discrimination and opposes anti-minority legislation in any UN member state.

The foundation promotes a science-based approach encompassing biological, healthcare, anthropological, cultural, and historical perspectives to raise awareness among policymakers.

The network endorses legislative reforms aimed at achieving greater socio-economic inclusion in advanced human societies.

V. Identity based on existential, faith and religion:

The Foundation promotes the belief that "All human beings are free to practice any religion." It emphasizes the importance of respecting each other's religious identity and expression. As a non-religious organization, it encourages open and healthy discussions on theological subjects among citizens practicing various religious identities.

VI. Planetary Governance System:

The Foundation is a neutral organization that does not align with any political views or show favouritism toward any particular political groups.

The network encourages discussions and deliberations on improving public policies, which in turn influences the network's transparent research and advancement. It guides the development of socially inclusive product engineering.

Open Constitution AI does not endorse political groups anywhere on Earth that disregard or refuse to acknowledge universal human rights.

Censorship is not supported by Open Constitution AI, as it believes in the inherent natural rights to freedom of expression. However, it also emphasizes that freedom of expression should not infringe upon other human rights.

The Foundation advocates for freedom of journalism to promote free speech within human society.

Additionally, The Foundation supports the idea of establishing a Global Governance System and endorses continuous reforms in global taxation frameworks, carbon taxes, and digital services taxes.

VII. A non-violent, higher intelligence civilization:

The Foundation firmly opposes all types of violence, whether committed by individuals, groups, nations, or public authorities.

The Foundation unequivocally denounces any acts of terrorism on Earth.

The Foundation advocates for reforms in global regulatory frameworks for financial systems and inter-governmental agencies (such as Interpol, Financial Action Task Forces, and UN Security Council) that combat Terrorism Financing.

VIII. Ecological Stability:

Adverse climate change is a pressing issue, but there are efforts in place to address it through support for green initiatives and carbon neutrality.

Open Constitution AI is committed to advancing research and development in various technologies to ensure a stable ecological balance on Earth. Biodiversity is also a key focus, with an emphasis on enriching it and restoring ecological equilibrium.

The organization advocates for reforms aimed at establishing a global governance system to stabilize the planet's ecology. It recognizes that the atmosphere and water of Planet Earth are shared resources, emphasizing the need for humanitarian aid actions against air pollution and supporting access to clean drinking water for all humans.

Additionally, Open Constitution AI aligns its work with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as it continues to promote solutions for environmental challenges worldwide.

Network bases its research and development work on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Network bases its research and development work on the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

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IX. Sustainable Development:

Poverty is a significant challenge for many people around the world. Open Constitution AI is dedicated to promoting sustainable and community-focused approaches to alleviating poverty.

Financial inclusion remains a pressing issue, with a large portion of the global population being underbanked or without access to banking services. Open Constitution AI actively promotes initiatives aimed at addressing this disparity.

Wealth inequality is a major concern in various countries, leading to significant income gaps. Open Constitution AI recognizes the importance of addressing income inequality as a key aspect of societal balance.

The global food crisis poses serious challenges, and Open Constitution AI advocates for research, development, and humanitarian aid efforts to combat this issue and ensure food security for all.

Migration across the planet presents complex challenges, particularly for internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and asylum-seekers who require protection due to persecution or conflict. Open Constitution AI supports measures aimed at safeguarding these vulnerable populations.

X. Earth's Digital Public Goods Infrastructure:

The network is dedicated to promoting open-source research and development for the betterment of human society across all sectors, encouraging the relinquishment of profiteering from closed-source research and development in global markets.

In support of human welfare, the network advocates for non-aggressive and non-assertive patent practices while urging businesses to adapt their models to align with the rapidly evolving global data economy.

Artificial Intelligence: The Foundation leverages technology to advance its objectives, advocating for the creation of Artificial Intelligence to enhance global health and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

XI. Advanced Scientific Research

In the realm of space exploration, the Network stands behind and promotes research and development for the betterment of humanity and scientific advancement, as well as to enhance the lives of individuals with different abilities.

"Space represents a frontier that transcends current geopolitical boundaries, yet there is limited consensus on its exact definition."

Members advocate for reforms in space law and encourage international collaboration in activities related to space.

Neurological Sciences: The Foundation actively supports research and development in human neurology for the benefit of humanity, scientific advancement, and improvement in the lives of individuals with different abilities.

Human Consciousness: The Foundation actively supports research and development pertaining to human consciousness for the betterment of humanity and scientific progress, aiming to improve the lives of individuals with different abilities.

Robotics: Open Constitution AI is designed as a network that combines machine intelligence with human input.

The Network advocates for robotics technology to benefit humankind's welfare, scientific pursuit, and enhancement of the lives of individuals with different abilities.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation: The Foundation supports denuclearization efforts while emphasizing mapping nuclear energy research alongside scientific exploration into human consciousness.

The network also upholds safety standards and interstellar research related to nuclear energy.

XII. Public Interest Disclosures:

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: The network strongly advocates continuous public interest disclosures regarding records and documentation concerning unidentified aerial phenomena.

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