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Introduction to Global Statutes

A few notes before we start:

Bylaws of the Open Constitution ensure networked AI stays compliant with different local jurisdictions on planet Earth.

Summary: This page outlines the Global Statutes and Bylaws of an organization, specifically focusing on the governance structure, meeting procedures, voting rights, proxies, membership regulations, roles of officers within the foundation, inspection rights for membership registries, grievance resolution process, data protection policies, liability limits for directors and electoral appointees to council bodies. It also discusses indemnification provisions to protect individuals serving as officers or directors from legal actions related to their roles. The document includes general provisions regarding checks, fiscal year determination, loans, deposits contracts and adoption dates for these bylaws.

Please visit the Live public copy of the Global Statutes here.

Who adopts them?

a. These Articles of Association are written to be adopted by each legal person, natural person, or electronic person with legal personhood.

b. These bylaws are written to be adopted by each legally organised voluntary association or a cooperative, "Fiscal Host" in each identifiable jurisdiction where the Open Bank program operates.

These bylaws are read, agreed and adopted by each registered agent or Fiscal Host(s) on the Open Constitution network. Each Fiscal Host adopts these bylaws either as a whole or an Addendum to their existing Articles of Association for the following purposes:

Purpose: The primary objective for the adoption of these Articles is for:

  1. Constitution of Fiscal Hosts:

Empanelment of the legal body - Fiscal Host takes place by the Independent Board of the Foundation, based on the counsel of the Advisory Committee. The appointment of a Fiscal Host can be subsequently ratified by any of the pre-constituted Independent Boards of any of the existing "Fiscal Hosts".

  1. Appointment of Fiscal Host's Independent Board: Independent Board represents the Foundation through Legal bodies in the local jurisdiction and attempts to ensure the Foundation's compliance with these local business and constitutional laws, including the maintenance of functions of a Fiscal Host.

  2. Appointment of Officers of the Foundation in compliance with Local law.

  3. Appointment of Data Protection Officers of the Foundation.

Read Glossary here.

How to read Articles?

Wherever possible, Articles have hints mentioned (just like this box), where additional descriptions are provided.

Terms and headings used have meanings derived from the Glossary.

Read more on Citizenship.

Read more on Fiscal Host.

Public Notice: Public Efforts are underway for the Foundation's citizens to be registered on the Open Constitution Public Registry.

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