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Bylaws: Fiscal host body of the Open Constitution AI network

What is a constituent registered agent or fiscal host body of the Open Constitution AI network?

A Fiscal host is a legal representative body, nominated by, and appointed by the Independent Board, Muellners Foundation, EEA on the basis of counsel of Executive Council of Open Council. Independent Boards constitutionally represent Foundation in local jurisdictions, and support maintenance of the constituent Fiscal body, in compliance with Local Law.

What is Fiscal Hosting?

Fiscal hosting is where a legally registered organisation (the fiscal host, also known as Foundation's regional official representation) holds money, trust and fiduciary duties on behalf of Foundation's global community and open source intelligence network.

The first Fiscal Host was incorporated as Muellners "frivillig forening" Foundation, a voluntary association, in accordance with the Danish Business Authority in 2019.

Networked legal bodies have thereafter, self constituted across the planet, in the form of Fiscal Hosts.

Who nominates and appoints subsequent registered agent or Fiscal host of the Open Constitution network?

Muellners Foundation nominates and appoints Fiscal Hosts in each member state of UNO as fiduciary bodies.

Local Independent Boards are constituted from these Fiduciary bodies.

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