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What is a Core Working Committee?

Foundation's community shall appoint and constitute several Core Working Committees(CWCs), as member bodies within the Foundation's Open Constitution.

These CWCs shall be linked to the different organs of the Foundation, namely different Councils of this global co-operative.

CWCs generally consist of subject matter researchers, such as members affiliated with STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

CWC members may also come from diverse fields of industry, academia, art and music.

CWCs are classified into two types:

A. Steering CWCs:

Each project has a self governing and autonomous Core Working Group.

"Project CWC" members are generally the core work group for a specific project of the Foundation.

B. Independent CWCs:

For these Open Council Committees - Media, Regulations, Legal, Observation, Executive, Treasury, "Independent CWCs" shall be constituted.

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