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What is an Independent Board of Directors of a constituent registered agent or Fiscal Host of the Foundation?

Independent Board of Directors or Independent Board or BoD(Board of Directors used interchangeably in this knowledge space.

A jurisdiction based Independent Board acts as a ratification agency of the Executive Council's Resolutions; community recommendations, appointments to Council, Amendments to Open Constitution, including but not limited to decisions made by the Steering Council members w.r.t community motions, resolutions and proceedings.

The Chancellor of the Executive Council generally makes these recommendations to the Independent Boards in periodical public reports.

Independent Board also ratifies the counsel of each of the Council bodies, generally represented by the Executive Council members in the monthly Council meetings and public reports.

The independent board guards each jurisdiction and secures the Foundation Member Data Registry.

Independent Boards are constituted in different jurisdictions:

Current Independent Board Member List:


Legal Body Name(Fiscal Host)

Board Members

European Union and Nordics

Open Constitution , Denmark

Lara Muellner, Anka Muellner


To be updated

Existing Legal Body Registration Compliance Review

A duly appointed Independent Board of a Fiscal Host in a jurisdiction covered by the Foundation relies on Steward Group(a minimum number of CWC appointments) for core maintenance of Fiscal representation of the Foundation in a region.

Independent Board members review the statutory existence of the Foundation's registered agent or Fiscal Host.

An Independent Board is also required as a principle agency to ensure Foundation remains in compliance with its legal structure.

Independent Board is a local juridisction based ratification agency for the Foundation's community.

Read more about Steward Group.

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