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What is the Ambassador Council?

The Ambassador Council is an autonomous body in the Muellners Foundation's global community. It is a standalone and independent Council with its own powers of constitutional governance.

The Open Council focuses on the Foundation's governance and the Ambassador Council promotes the Foundation's philosophy and values in the general public.

The Ambassador Council has two bodies:

a. Youth Wing

b. General Wing

The primary function and role of the Ambassador Council is to vocalise and promote the Foundation's public message, statements and public policy advocacy on issues of global interest within the Foundation's guiding principles.

Youth Wing:

Members (between the human age of 18-25) shall comprise the Youth Wing:

Note: Age as of the date of member's nomination (to the Ambassador Council) shall be below 25.

a. Student leaders affiliated with academia e.g Entrepreneurship Development Cells, Student Representation Bodies in Universities e.g. Student Boards

b. Student members from the Learn fellowship alum network and with a distinguished community engagement.

General Wing:

a. Members who are above the human age of 25 shall be nominated to constitute the General Wing.

b. Members should not be currently serving on any of the Open Council Committees for a nomination to the Ambassador Council.

Therefore, only non-Open Council members have been nominated for this wing.

The Foundation's Ambassador Council shall be free and independent to create, constitute, and govern itself according to this Open Constitution.

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