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What is the Executive Council?

Executive Council members plays a vital role in executing governance of Foundation's initiatives.

Some examples are below:

  1. Amendments to the policies and directives of the Foundation's governance constitution.

  2. Maintaining the Foundation's legal existence and compliance to governing laws of the jurisdictions in which the Foundation and its affiliates are registered in.

  3. Ratification of Council Committee actions and member resolutions from Foundation's open source communities.

  4. Protection of brand of the Foundation.

  5. Appointment of members on several committees.

  6. Appointment of officers of the Foundation.

  7. Treasury Management

Executive Committee is an apex constitutional body and is constituted from the Foundation's Open Council and the member's appointment is an electoral process.

Appointment to Executive Committee is conducted after every two years though a General election.

Following are the causes that the Executive Council commits to:

a. Maintenance of Foundation's infrastructure (funds, office, administrative, IT infrastructure etc)as the Executive Council's primary function.

b. Welcome constructive observation of Foundation's direction and value from the Observation and Ethics Council.

c. Welcome accelerated participation in direction of the Foundation's vision from the Project Committees.

d. Welcome enforcement of rights of the Foundation's community in the form of Legal Council.

e. Create Outreach in the form of Media Council.

f. Welcome advise on Foundation's direction in the form of Advisory Council.

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