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Who is a local citizen?


Registries: Subscription, Global, Local

Registrar: Steward Groups of a regional Fiscal Host/Node

All natural persons, registered with the "Subscription", "Global" and "Local" registries, acquire an "ordinary voluntary membership" status with Foundation's Fiscal Host in a local jurisdiction.

"Ordinary voluntary membership" status is strictly based on the residency of the human on the planet Earth.(table below for representation)

Note: Local Citizens are also termed as "Ordinary members", in this open constitution.

What is the open access practices for the local citizens?

All Local citizens gain a citizen level access, in accordance with the Open Access Charter and Communications Charter.

What is the relationship between a member’s local and global citizenship status?

All Local Citizens are naturally Global Citizens. All ordinary members therefore also have a subscribed membership status as a derived right.

What are the data protection rights of a local citizen?

Ordinary Voluntary membership is strictly covered by Foundation's data protection regime, regardless of whether a data protection law is active in the context of limitations of local jurisdiction.


Available Memberships


🇪🇺EEA(European Economic Area)

Ordinary voluntary membership

including e-residencies and for residents of member states in European Union Fiscal Host: MF, Denmark

🇮🇳Republic of India

Ordinary voluntary membership

Fiscal Host: Legal Body Registration Change

🇺🇳For all the other residents of Planet Earth

Subscribed Membership only

Read Sections: A, B

Public Notice:

Annual membership fee for all Local Citizens has been waived off for the first three years from the date of Foundation's first Fiscal Host incorporation. (14 Dec 2019 to 14 Dec 2022).

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