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Who is a subscriber to Open Constitution?

Any Internet user, who actively subscribes to any of the digital public goods and services of the Open Constitution network is a subscriber to the Open Constitution.


Registry: Subscription

Registrar: Data Security Council

All "natural" persons and "legal" persons, registered with the "Subscription" registry, acquire a "subscribed membership" status.

Subscribed membership is a community membership, designed to create, nurture and maintain open source communities to fulfill Objective I:Foundation.

Eligibility: Members may be natural persons or legal bodies e.g Organisations or groups. "Organisations" or "groups" are defined as legally incorporated bodies, in accordance with the business laws of a local jurisdiction.

Public Notice: Please note that some subscribed members may not be able to get themselves registered as ordinary voluntary members(Local citizens), unless a Fiscal Host is identified and constituted in the local region, where they reside.

Subscribed members are covered by Foundation's data protection regime, regardless of whether a data protection law is active in the context of Local jurisdiction.

All subscribed members gain a Guest or Member access, according to the Open Access Charter, and depending on Self verification.

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