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Who is an Emeritus Citizen?


De Registry: Local

Registrar: Steward Group of a Fiscal Host/Node

All natural persons, de-registered from the Local registry, acquire an "emeritus" status on the Open Constitution network.


A citizen who remains in Interstellar space for a sustained period of time.

A citizen who has died.

An emeritus Citizen remains registered on the Global Registry, for the purpose of posthumous claims of the citizen's sentience data.

In the case of a citizen death, unless there exists any notificiation to the Registrar posthumous claims on meta data associated with the citizen, (claims by their guardian or heir) Right to Forgotten is applicable after one year of the citizen's death on planet earth.

Note: Emeritus Citizens are also termed as "former members", in this Open Constitution.

Read Data Protection Rights of Emeritus Citizen

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