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Are there additional guidelines for remote conferencing?

These are the Remote Conferencing guidelines, in addition to the Foundation’s Communications Code of Conduct.

21.1 Foundation members may collaborate on video conferencing tools, (recognised as official Google Workspace Platform/Slack/Discord of Muellners Foundation. Read the list above.). During these video conferencing workshops, it is generally at the discretion of the member, whether they wish to publish public facing audio, video or both feeds.

Members from visibly marginalised communities or members who are differently abled, join Foundation's workspaces, and these conference calls. The practice of free will in choosing the medium of communication(whether spoken or not) is therefore advocated by the Foundation's Code.

21.2 General Interruptions if the remote session has a documented agenda: Certain video conference sessions organised by the Foundation, may have a fixed agenda. It is generally recommended to be on time with these sessions. Your peers are voluntarily organised here, therefore their time is as important as yours.

During the remote conferences, organised by Foundation members, interruptions are not well seen. Members join these workshops, coming from different time zones, with different internet connectivity & computing infrastructure. Interrupting another member while he/she/they are speaking, will almost always result in derailing of a workshop's agenda.

Maintain decorum: It is generally recommended to keep yourself at mute, & wait for your turn to speak, using conferencing system tools such as Raising hand.

21.3 Open Sessions: When workshops are organised with an open and free agenda, it is a general suggestion to let your peers present their complete thoughts before speaking. Foundation DOES NOT advocate meritocracy.

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