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How not to spam Foundation's communications channels and platforms?

Foundation shall remain a neutral advocacy group, for the subjects which are political, or religious in nature. Open Constitution network is apolitical and non religious institution.

Following guidelines shall be observed by members, to avoid spam, hate messages, polarising views in the member space of the Foundation, when covering a subject, including those which are on the list of "sensitivity".

This applies to text messages, video, audio feeds in the Foundation's communications system & other Internet based forums of the Foundation (both public and private communications between peers).

  1. Use a more positive and assertive tone in your posts.

  2. When making a reference to any human, including a person outside the Foundation's current membership purview, members shall cite a public facing record from a verifiable source of information.

  3. Members shall not use Foundation's space or forums to advocate their religious and political beliefs. A general debate or discussion should be welcome in the Foundation's community, within the Foundation's guiding principlesand Code.

  4. A member shall post open and empathetic messages. A member should strive to cite a public facing information, to create visibility and clarity on what the member is wishing to express within the community. A member shall not post a speculative message on any public forum of the Foundation.

  5. A member shall not characterize or refer to another peer directly or indirectly, with any adjective on a public forum of the Foundation.

  6. A good idea is to be responsible with the use of words, in a multi time zone and multi cultural global community.

  7. When a member posts a new thread or a subject for discussion, the member shall take due care in citing any publicly identifiable or notable human, corporation or an entity such as government, government agencies, inter governmental agencies, stock exchange listed public corporations. Special care must be given in posting critical views about Heads of Member States of United Nations.It is recommended that you shall cite the public office that the referenced human holds in the government, or inter governmental agencies instead of the human themselves. In the Foundation's community, we celebrate and criticize ideas not the person behind the ideas.

Community members do this for two reasons:

a. To initiate a reform dialogue with the concerned public office.

b. To protect the reputation and goals of the Foundation, in a manner which is consistent with its non for profit status. Remember we are an association, not a rebellion.

c. To protect privacy of the human and maintain a neutral sensitivity towards the human(named in the public conversation).

8. Members shall assert their views in a parliamentary manner.

9. A member shall not post any messages about their own "For Profit" work, and if a member is asked to stop by the Moderators, then the member shall stop. Please read about the Self and Peer Review here.

Community members may introduce their initatives to their peers and it shall then be the peers who may introduce the initiatives upon their own review. A member should refrain from posting about their own "for profit" activity, on the public forums of the Muellners Foundation.

How to express in a polarised world?

Members shall express and debate over human society issues within the guiding principles of the Foundation. These issues may be covering governmental decisions or governance issues, subjects of Freedom of Speech on the Internet & censorship, technology governance etc.

Read the list of "Sensitivity" here.

Members shall express their views in an open, empathetic and non speculative manner.

Members shall always strive to cover opposing views in their arguments to avoid polarising conversations and avoid the spread of misinformation.

While these are loosely defined guidelines, and are regularly updated, Foundation's volunteers shall moderate the community conversations.

Please read Foundation's Moderation Guidelines here.

Spamming(in this article) encompasses all forms of communications taking place on the public forums of the Foundation, not just text messages.

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