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What are some sensitive focus subjects covered by Foundation's Communications Code?

This page lists the sensitive subjects of public interest, whose research is pursued within the objectives of Foundation.

(Note: This page is continously updated with edits on the list.)

Following is the list covering sensitive subjects;​

  1. Human Identity based discrimination

  2. Internet Freedom, and Cyber Censorship by government agencies

  3. War, and Non violence on planet earth, including mass animal killing

  4. Poverty, malnourishment, and public health disaster

  5. Natural disaster and manmade industrial disaster

  6. Millitary Industrial Complex

  7. Freedom of Journalism

  8. Patent aggression on Intellectual property of life saving Pharmaceuticals


Large scale dissemination of increasingly polarising information, related to above topics, may lead to disinformation, and prevailing, non scientific myths, entering human civilization into a vicious cycle of epistemical boundaries on human knowledge.

Foundation citizens therefore follow the community code, in observing and finding research and analysis, concerning the topics on this list.

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