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What should I keep in mind when organising an Open Podcast?

A peer reviewed podcast!

Open podcasts are peer reviewed. This means that for any podcast to be published as an "Open Podcast".

Note: For any Live streams to continue to, and to qualify to be published on the Foundation's public forums;

a. Atleast two members of the Foundation host a podcast. A peer's presentation is always reviewed by another peer. Open Podcast is not the megaphone for individual member's activism. It is the "Voice" of the community. Therefore, a peer's ideas shall be reviewed by another peer.

b. Moderators: Moderators and interviewers play an important role in channelising an open conversation with fluidity and empathy. A single member participates in the podcast and moderates the conversation. A moderator helps panelists modulate their discussion into something civil, humane and meaningful for our community.💁

c. Observer: An observer member participates in the podcast for the episode to qualify as an open podcast. The Observer member may or may not participate as a speaker. The observer member generally observes if the podcast stream is within the Foundation's guiding principles. Members from different Open Council Committees generally volunteer to be Observers to an open podcast.

So atleast four members come together to host an open podcast. More members may join as panelists depending on the subject, style, theme and nature of the episode.

For any hosted open podcast on the Foundation's public forums, guiding principles and Code of Conduct should be observed by participants. Most importantly, Moderators should moderate the livestreams in accordance with the Moderation Policy.

In addition to above, participants should read special community guidelines for hosting a successful podcast episode.

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