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Which platforms are covered by Foundation’s Communications Code ?

Members of fiscal hosts, volunteers and community members, and members from Open Constitution partner program contributing to open source research & development, organise themselves on different public forums over the Internet.

Open Constitution recognises the following platforms for open communication and public facing communication records by the community members.

  • Public & Private channels, Huddles on Foundation's Slack Memberspace

  • Discord Server

  • Mailing Lists of Open Constitution projects

  • Open Constitution Governance Platform

  • Atlassian Cloud Workspace for Open Constitution

  • Open Podcast

  • Google Cloud Workspace of Muellners Foundation

  • Gitbook Workspace

  • Github Workspace and project public repositories

  • Social Media Platforms of Muellners Foundation such as Linkedin Live event, Linkedin based open newsletter, Youtube live stream, Twitter feed of Foundation, Telegram based public channel.

  • Second Exchange

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