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Guidelines for generating E Tenancy Artefacts

Summary: Foundation members may need to produce various artefacts related to their interactions within the Foundation's network, including supplying information to external entities and obtaining records of their contributions. Ticket routing guidelines exist for Artefact Requests, particularly those related to the Treasury Charter or requiring another Council body's involvement. Members can raise a ticket at the Governance portal but should not self-mark the assignee in some instances. Additionally, E-tenants can request artefacts directly through specific programs where they are participating such as Learn Fellowship and Open Bounty on the Foundation's digital platforms.

Foundation members may be required to generate artefacts related to their interactions in the Foundation’s network.

This may be due to factors such as supplying information to any other institution, public authority, or company and legal interests outside the purview of the defined Open Constitution AI network.

All electoral appointees are generally eligible to receive and generate artefacts such as certifications and reference certificates and obtain records of their contributions to the foundation.

Special ticket routing guidelines exist for Artefact Requests where the member raising the ticket is part of a specific program. See the sections below.

Special ticket routing guidelines exist for Artefact Requests related to the Treasury Charter. (see Governance Docs for Open Treasury)

Special Request: If generating artefacts requires another Council body’s involvement for representations made on behalf of the Foundation.

The list is not exhaustive, but this may be endorsements, speaker presentations, references or likes; the member requesting the Foundation must raise a ticket and clarify their request.

A member can raise a ticket at the Governance portal.

Guidelines for the ticket:

The Foundation’s activity is autonomous; therefore, the Governance portals are deployed on the Open Constitution AI network.

In simple words, there is no human waiting at the reception of the Foundation with any documentary and administrative artefacts at their disposal. The mechanism and the relationship dynamics between the Foundation and the member are such that the member resolves the 'Artefact Request' with the Foundation. If human intervention is required, the network routes the documented grievance to any eligible member.

Caution: Please do not raise a ticket and self-mark the assignee, e.g., in cases of seeking a request for a recommendation and letters of reference for non-Union jobs.

A member seeking an artefact to produce as a reference for outside the AI network and Foundation’s legal personhood must communicate with the entity, i.e. public association, i.e. defined Foundation in the Articles of Association of the Open Constitution AI network;

Members should not route their ticket directly to an individual member, even though another member may be well-known to you or you know that the ticket is likely to get resolved by this particular member’s intervention.

This has been classified as an inappropriate way of asking fellow members to endorse another member to companies and humans outside the Association without the network's diligence activity.

The E-tenants may request Artefacts directly on any application deployed by network’s program.

For Learn Fellowship:

A E tenant (from the Learn Fellowship program) can generate the artefacts directly on the Foundation’s digital campus platform.

For Open Bounty:

An E tenant can generate the associated artefacts directly on the Foundation’s jobs platform for the E tenancy lease.

The electoral appointee who is also affiliated to an E-tenancy can request any artefacts related to a jobs and bounty award concerning any project deployed on the Open Constitution AI Network.

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