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Legal Council and C.W.C


The role of the Legal Council is to advise the Open Constitution network on legally protecting the Foundation's activities.

Legal Council members are individuals of industry-wide reputation, having had persistent success in steering and contributing to humankind, with a major sustainable impact.

They are successful lawyers, civil rights activists, M&A lawyers, Intellectual Property lawyers, writers, filmmakers, musicians or artists.


Legal CWC is an independent group of volunteers from the Foundation's open community.

Members with the following background generally constitute Legal CWC:

  • Members with an active legal practice.

  • Members with a legal research background - corporate, business law, international law, tax treaties and trade treaties between governments of UN member states.

Legal CWC is an Independent CWC, a group of volunteers from the Foundation's open community.

Read on How to Join Legal CWC here and what role an Independent CWC plays in the Foundation's community.

Read CWC Nominations Guide for Independent CWCs.

Members should publish their queries on the Public Mailing List: for any information, before filing supporting documents for their nomination in Open Constitution governance systems.


Core Functions of Legal CWC:

  1. To prepare the Foundation's legal stand on a subject of public interest litigation, concerning any of the Foundation's citizen rights on the Internet, if the citizen has delegated their legal custody to the Foundation's community.

  2. Assist the Legal Committee, Regulations Committee and Steward Group in preparing, filing and executing legal actions on behalf of the Foundation citizens.

  3. Legal CWC closely works with community members for the protection of their privacy rights, Intellectual Property infringements, civil and criminal lawsuit actions against discrimination and similar humanitarian actions in the public interest.

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