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Activate Startup Tenancy

Activation of Benefits:

Resources are AUTO PROVISIONED based on Open Constitution network governance protocols.

Resources can be activated at different stages of the Startup’s tenancy on the network:




Approved Startups are required to register for a Startup Tenancy account on the Open Constitution network.

Register at the Open Bank Portal for a Startup Account on the network’s Directory.


Please visit Knowledge Base link for Account Creation Guide.

All team members of the Startup should therefore have activated access to E Residency on the network. An E Residency allows any member on the OC network to interact with the network’s resources and community. Verify your account.

See How to verify Startup tenancy account?



  • Open Constitution Network Access

  • Project Collaboration and application deployment tools

  • $25,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years; for tenant deployment, and other applications.

  • 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000)

Read about AWS Activate here.


  • €100,000 in Social Credits for activation of support plan for Finscale Enterprise Suite for 1 years, if your startup idea tags involves financial inclusion, or climate finance.

Read about Finscale Enterprise here.

  • Gain mentorship from Global Mentor body of the network for ‘'Go to Production'' and ''Go to Market’'.

  • Test and scale ideas/products with Association access of network resources.

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