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Activating Accelerator keys

Advancing to Accelerator Model means Startups on the Open Constitution network activate:

  • Mentorship from the Foundation members, who are industry and subject matter experts and electorally appointed to the Open Council and other governing bodies.

  • Industry partnerships and resources from Open Constitution partner program to advance the startup project to a service/market delivery stage

  • Network policies for Reducing to practice - Startup Project’s product or service delivery - with an open source release, attributable to Open Constitution license initiative.

These benefits are in addition to the Incubator resources which a Startup gets access to whilst activating the Accelerator Access.

Eligibility criteria for a startup/project to be graduated to Stage: Acceleration on the Open Constitution network.

  1. Startup project has successfully created a public, Project Tracker/ Issue Board on the network’s project collaboration site, during the incubation.

  2. Startup project has a public, verified, Account Profile on the Member Directory of the Open Bank Portal.

  3. Startup project has a public, source code or source of truth of

    1. Minimum Viable Product or service of the startup Or

    2. beta release of product on Finscale distribution

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