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GHost License

Foundation invites

  • University or

  • Research Institution or

  • Real Estate businesses or

  • co working startups

which operate co-working spaces, startup spaces, community spaces, event spaces, office rental spaces to apply for a GHost license to join the Open Source Exchange.

Run a sustainable Co-working community

Extend Program to your Co-working space members, Provide Digital Resources to your Startup community, Connect your startup community to Program’s benefits.

To apply for a Ghost license type of Open Constitution(Only members of the Foundation apply, please create your membership account at Open Bank)

Benefit from a global Information Technology Network on cloud.

TYPE A: If you plan to run a startup community space;

STEP 1: Apply with relevant details and activate your own organisation account at the Open Bank.

STEP 2: Activate GHost License here.

TYPE B: If you already run a startup community space

STEP 1: Apply with relevant details and activate

STEP 2: Activate GHost License here.

Relevant ReadCOMING SOON

GHost License Terms and Conditions.

License to Trademarks and Brand Usage Policy

Community guidelines for Best Practices;

Maintainable Standards for Physical Premises:COMING SOON

Connection to Open Constitution Settings; type of Internet Service providers, eligibility for physical space dimensions

Initial Investments/Resources Required

Community Grievance Redressal for standards at physical premises

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