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How can I become a member of the Open Council?

Foundation promotes outstanding socially inclined individuals from all corridors of human life, and promotes sentient leadership in its community.

We believe all community members have a stake in decision making and governance of Foundation's initiatives.

Open Council members come from diverse fields and sectors and are elected to the Council.

A nomination is generally initiated by existing members of the Council. Any Open Council member can nominate any other member of the Foundation's community.

Members can also nominate any person from outside the Muellners Foundation's ecosystem, as long as Open Access guidelines of this Open Constitution have been followed.

Self nomination is unfortunately not acceptable.

All appointments to Open Council (except the Executive Council itself) are ratified by the electorally appointed Chancellor on behalf of the Executive Council.

If you are an individual member, with a keen interest in attaining a Council Membership, to drive the Foundation's agenda forward, please guide yourself with following community guidelines for a successful nomination and appointment.

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