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What is the Open Council of the Foundation?

The Foundation's community constitutes an Open council, which depends on pillars of "representational democracy" and is governed by the Open Constitution.

In the Open Council, representatives of different Councils from Foundation's community meet, discuss, amend and adopt legal instruments, and coordinate actions of the Foundation, within this Open Constitution.

The Open Council ensures safe, secure and transparent Open Governance, maintenance of the Foundation's "Objectives" and public facing documentation of "Project" roadmaps.

Open Council members come from diverse fields and sectors and are elected to the Council.

Open Council is foremost constituted of the following Councils:

  1. Advisory Council

  2. Steering Council

  3. Observer Council

  4. Legal Council

  5. Media Council

  6. Ethics Council

  7. Executive Council

  8. Regulations Council

  9. Treasury Council

The rules and procedures, governing the membership rights of citizens, who are appointed on these Councils are described on each Council's instrument.

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Representational Image of constitutional bodies, with inter-linkages - Open Council

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