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Nomination and electoral appointment to Steering C.W.C

  1. Steering CWCs membership is a democratically elected position in the Foundation's Open Council.

  2. Steering CWC appointment is a voluntary membership and invites an active contribution on the projects of the Open Constitution network.

  3. The Steering Council approves a member's nomination and subsequent appointment and further ratifies it by the Independent Board.

  4. All nominations and appointments are made in good faith. CWC appointments are conditional on members registering their information in the Foundation's data registry for records and due diligence purposes.

  5. CWC appointments are made for a period of at least 1 to almost three years.

  6. Members can voluntarily resign or can be democratically removed from the appointment based on an Open Council Resolution.

  7. The Council resolution is further voted by the community referendum to remove a member from a CWC.

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