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What are some of the duties of a constituent registered agent or Fiscal Host of the Foundation?

Role and responsibilities of a constituent registered agent or fiscal host of the Open Constitution network?

A Fiscal Host informs themselves and responds to what is relevant in local jurisdictions for non for profits or co-operatives. There are many elements to local statutory reportings, and compliance, which the Fiscal Hosts fulfills:

Maintaining a local member registry:

Fiscal Hosts maintain local membership and beneficiary citizen registry. Fiscal Hosts also maintain Foundation's compliance with local business laws, besides holding trust and fund repositories on behalf of Open Constitution network.

Fiscal Host Legal Bodies and registered local members continue to independently work on the local advocacy of Foundation's guiding principles.


Each Fiscal Host appoints an Independent Board of Directors, which also represents the local community of Foundation.

The local Independent Board members also appoint a third party Data Protection Officer, an auditor and a chartered accountant in accordance to the articles of the Open Constitution, and based on local requirements of compliance with business laws.

Administering public grants

Maintaining custody of Open Treasury resource repositories such as Funds, technology licenses in compliance with regulations of local financial services as laid down by local supervisory authorities.

Legal Representation of the community

Filing of public interest litigation on a locally relevant issue of public interest, covered within the Foundation's objectives.

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