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What are Steward Groups?

In addition to assisting functions defined by Treasury, and Regulations Councils, Steward Groups are organised as Special Action Task Force, linked to a Fiscal Host/Node.

Steward Group, associated with a Local jurisdiction is a general purpose classification to a min. member collective, which maintains a Fiscal Host on the global co-operative network of the Foundation.

Generally, members from the Open Council - Executive, Regulations, Legal or Treasury, nominate and appoint members to the Steward Groups.

Appointments are ratified by the local Independent Board.

In Foundation's open constitution, Steward Groups linked to a Fiscal Host(node) ensure following:

  1. Empanelment of a Carbon Copy of Members Registry.

  2. Empanelment, screening, diligence and appointment of third party Data Processors.

  3. Statutory filings to Business Authority and tax agencies in the local(UN member state) jurisdiction with supervision from Independent Board, located in a Fiscal Host.

  4. Publishing guidelines on the upkeep of statutory standards of Open Constitution Program Partner and Muellners Foundation's Fiscal Host Network.

  5. Administration of Public Donations and creation, maintenance of Trust Fund - Open Bank.

  6. Maintenance and compliance of Foundation's core technical infrastructure and communications systems. Compliance with Foundation's data protection regime.

  7. Empanelment of Foundation's service providers and vendor network.

General guidelines on appointment of Steward Group is to constitute member composition from Fiscal Hosts, and represented in each of the following jurisdiction(s):

This shall cover members living in sovereign states, claimed and unclaimed territories, autonomous regions in the geography.

Following are the initially identified Steward Groups:

  1. Europe: European Union (covering all member states of European Union)

  2. Europe: United Kingdom

  3. Africa (covering 55 member states)

  4. Asia (covering 49 UN member states)

  5. India (special focus steward group)

  6. Nordics

  7. North America

  8. South America

  9. Transcontinental States

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