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What is a Regulations Council?

The role of the Regulations Council is to provide counsel to the Foundation's community on its various initiatives. This Council works on regulations concerning monetary policies, inter-governmental agencies, governmental agencies and the Foundation's statutory maintenance.

Regulations Council members are generally individuals with an industry-wide reputation, having had persistent success in contributing to humankind with a major sustainable impact. They can be successful chartered accountants, tax consultants, corporate lawyers, M&A lawyers, bureaucrats working with government agencies, Program Directors of inter-governmental agencies, holding an office of an institution which shapes the monetary policy of a jurisdiction on this planet.

Members of this Council may also be industry professionals with a background in Banking, financial services and insurance.

The members of the Regulations Council have voluntarily chosen to contribute to the Foundation's agenda actively.

These members publish opinion articles on the Foundation's financial technology research and self-governance, contribute directly by mentoring Learn fellowship grantees, participate in presenting the Foundation's agenda in their industry network, and build strategic relationships with governmental and intergovernmental agencies.

The members appointed to the Regulations Council generally stay on this committee for a fixed period.

The members of the Regulations Council may nominate and appoint several Steward Groups linked to the Muellners Foundation's fiscal hosts.

Read more on Steward group here.

The members of the Regulations Council shall also appoint Regulations CWC, an Independent Core Working Group.

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