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What is the Open Bank CWC?

Open Bank CWC comprises of an active group of members working for the network governance program.

Members with the following research and development background generally constitute Open Bank CWC:

  1. Sociology, law and anthropology.

  2. Scientific and analytical.

  3. Decentralized and peer-to-peer computing infrastructure-based case studies - tokenomics, DAO governance, DAO tools.

Members should publish their queries and request support for any information and discussion, before filing supporting documents for their nomination in Open Constitution governance systems.

Open Bank CWC is a Steering CWC, a group of volunteers from the Foundation's open community who steer Open Constitution governance systems and tools.

Open Bank CWC independently manages the project affairs working guidelines for digital resources and infrastructure.

Read How to Join Open Bank CWC here and what role a Steering CWC plays in the Foundation's community. Also, read the CWC Nominations Guide for Steering CWCs.

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