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How do I access Open Constitution's Github resources - Github team license?


I am an electoral appointee a constitutional body of the Foundation.

I want to access Open Constitution’s Github resources, specifically Github team license, for deploying a public repository of a project, publishing technical documentation on a project, updating public facing literature, project source code, triage documentations etc.

Remember that your membership has been accorded appropriate privileges basis Foundation’s Identity Governance guidelines.


Most of the project repositories are public, and therefore source code or documentation are contributed through Open Constitution license clarification workflow on different projects of the Foundation.

A private repository of a project may be setup if the project is at any of the below stages;

STAGE 1: EXPERIMENT: Experiment in digital sandboxes of the Open Constitution.

STAGE 2: INCUBATE: Incubate project and seek help from a qualifying peer or partner member of the Open Constitution Partner Program.

STAGE 3: ACCELERATE: Acceleration with Open Source Exchange, and deploy consumer ready products and services.

In case if you wish to gain access to a private repository or other services from Github;

Vist Org URL and ask Project C.W.C to add you as a member to the Github Organisation muellners:

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