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What is an Independent C.W.C?

For these Open Council Committees - Media, Regulations, Legal, Observation, Executive, Treasury, "Independent CWCs" shall be constituted.

Media CWC

Regulations CWC

Legal CWC

Executive CWC(call announced for active Fiscal Hosts)

Observation CWC(call not announced)

Treasury CWC(call announced for active Fiscal Hosts) Primary Role: Members appointed to the Independent CWC contribute to the core functioning of a specific Open Council Committee. Independent CWCs are self-governing, autonomous constitutional bodies.

The fundamental roles of these Independent CWCs are listed here, and each of them is described further.

Independent CWCs appointed to a specific Open Council Committee also maintain the specific Council Committee's lifecycle.

Self Governance: Members of an Independent CWC independently decide the workings and functioning of their group. These members collectively decide, maintain, and observe the protocols of their Independent CWC's constitution on their own, well within the Foundation's guiding principles and this Open Constitution.

The CWC chair is the member who leads each Independent CWC. All the members of a specific Open Council Committee ratify the proposed constitution of an Independent CWC affiliated with them.

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