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What is the Media CWC?

The Media Core Working Committee (CWC) is an independent group of volunteers from the Foundation's open community, nominated and appointed by Media Committee members.

Members with the following background generally constitute Media CWC:

  • Members with an active media/journalism/research practice.

  • Members with a communications research background - corporate, business, Internet based media companies, newspapers.

  • Members with an active academic affiliation to Student groups, Civil rights groups, Internet Forums for Freedom of press, Entrepreneurship development groups, Media and Journalism.

Core Functions of Media CWC:

  1. Maintain and promote Foundation's advocacy

  2. Maintain and promote Foundation's Public Forums, compliant to best practices and standards of freedom of network for Open Constitution citizens.

  3. Maintain a Fact Finding and Fact check group to suppress misinformation and disseminate fact checked literature for Foundation's subscribed citizens.

  4. Maintain and promote Foundation's public affairs assets and properties like Press Releases, Open Podcast, Open Research portal, social media assets.

  5. File Observations on Foundation's Trademark Infringement to Steward Groups.

  6. Ensure Steward Group maintains Foundation's IT infrastructure and assist in provisioning communication and broadcasting resources to Foundation's citizens.

  7. Media CWC participates in content moderation on Foundation's public channels.

  8. Media CWC assists provisioning of Sentient Bot to members requesting anonymity.

Members should publish their queries on the Private Mailing List: can only post) for any information, before filing supporting documents for their nomination in Open Constitution governance systems.

Media CWC is an Independent CWC, a group of volunteers from the Foundation's open community.

Read on How to Join Media CWC here and what role an Independent CWC plays in Foundation's community.

Read CWC Nominations Guide for Independent CWCs.

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