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What is the role or duties of any constituted Independent C.W.C?

Role of Independent CWCs and CWC members in Open Council bodies - Legal, Regulations, Observations, Media, Ethics, and Executive.

  1. Independent CWC is a special task force of the above listed Council bodies.

  2. The Independent CWC members are also the most active contributors, who work on the core functioning of the Open Council body, to which the Independent CWC is affiliated to .

  3. Members shall contribute to the maintaining and updating Foundation's documentation for the public facing records.

  4. Members of CWC shall contribute to the research documentation of the project, just like any other individual contributor to the project, except they may have additional rights and privileges to act on the project's change requests.

  5. Members of Independent CWCs also introduce new members of the Foundation to their Council's documentation, and inform the community through public facing records.

  6. Members of CWC work with and counsel their Open Council body to ensure the Foundation's direction is public facing, open and transparent, at all times.

7. Independent CWC members propose

"Community Proposals" in favour of their Core Work group's primary affairs.

Any Independent CWC member may initiate a community proposal for Foundation's Open Convention Forums. An appropriate Open Council Committee member(appointed to the affiliated Council) can nominate a community proposal for a Committee Vote.

Open Council body ratifies community proposals from Independent CWCs and decides whether to accept or reject CWC member's proposals.

8. CWC members participate in open source communities of projects, outside of what the Foundation maintains or directly supports and defines as a "Project".

CWC members represent the Foundation's initiatives in industry events and activities.

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