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How can I join an Independent C.W.C (Core Working Committee)?

Following guidelines explain how a member shall constitute Independent CWCs:

Step 1: Nomination: A member of the Open Council shall generally nominate a community proposal, on behalf of another member of the community.

For the nomination to be successful, and the for the proposal to be taken up by the specific Open Council body for a Council vote:

At least two members shall participate in the community proposal -

Nominee, and

A member of the specific Open Council body, nominating the Nominee to the Council body’s C.W.C.

To build community consensus, a nominated candidate should work with the guidance of the member, nominating the candidate and publish a public facing report to support their nomination.

Read CWC Nomination guidelines.

Step 2: Council Vote: Open Council members vote on the nomination for appointment.

Appointment is conditional to a quorum, which is achieved with participation of more than half of the specific Council body's members and a majority in favour of the nomination.

The Open Council body members shall generally schedule an interview and document the interview for the public facing records of all CWC nominations.

Step 3: Appointment: Member is officially appointed to the Independent CWC by the Executive Council of the Foundation and further ratified by a jurisdiction based Independent Board.

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