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How do I access Foundation's Google Workspace applications?

Example Scenarios

Case 1: I have lost access to the Foundation-provided Google Workspace account. How do I regain access?

Case 2: I do not have access to the Foundation’s Google Workspace, or I had access, but something went wrong. What do I do?


A. For citizens;

Open Constitution uses Google Workspace as an IDP(Identity Provider) across many Open Constitution digital tools and services.

Sign into Google Workspace using your membership account

When you register for a citizenship, you receive an email containing the Sign in instructions to your Google Workspace Account.

Your account generally looks like this /

or /

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, your Google Workspace Identity password cannot be self reset. If you have forgotten your password, please raise a support ticket.


If you are savvy with your smartphone, you may also download any relevant Google Workspace applications listed on the Citizen Resources Directory.

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