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How do I access Foundation's Slack work space?

Example Scenarios

Case 1: I understand that Open Constitution maintains open conventions, meeting minutes of Foundation proceedings and activities on the Slack Workspace. I want to see these records.

Case 2: I want to access Foundation Slack Workspace to participate in the open conventions and public forums.

Case 3: I want to access Foundation Slack Workspace to direct message another member or to generally make an announcement, a member proposal, or a community resolution.

Case 4: I want to access Foundation Slack Workspace to update members about a project or a program of the Foundation.

Case 5: I am affiliated with a tenant organisation in the Open Constitution E Tenancy and want to access the Foundation’s Slack Workspace.

Remember that your membership has been accorded appropriate privileges basis Foundation’s Identity Governance guidelines.


A. For citizens;

Open Constitution uses Google Workspace as an IDP(Identity Provider) across many Open Constitution digital tools and services, including Foundation’s Slack Workspace.

Workspace Web URL:

If you have access to your Foundation Google Workspace account (It generally looks like this or, you can always use this to sign into Foundation’s Slack memberspace.

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, the password to your Google Workspace Identity cannot be self reset. If you have forgotten your password, please raise a support ticket.

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